Resetting FreePBX Network Adapter In A Guset VM Machine

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Created on 2015-07-19 at 5:47 PM
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If you copy or export a FreePBX guest VM and try to import into another machine you will noticed that the eht0 virtual network adapter no longer exist, therefore you FreePBX can not connect to the network. You will need to edit the eth0 to eth1 or whatever the system is detecting. 

1. Login in as root from the FreePBX console.
2. Type system-config-network-tui
3. Select "Device configuration" and hit enter
4. Select "eth0 (eth0) - Microsoft/Citrix Virtual...." and hit enter
5. Change the Name and Device to eth1 (or whatever the system is detecting). When done select OK and hit enter
6. Select Save and hit enter
7. Select Save&Quite and hit enter
8. Type Reboot and hit enter

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