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Question Title IMA and ICA Browsing With Firewall Address Translation (NAT)

How to Configure the Citrix Server and Client for Address Translation

Part I:

When the Citrix ICA Client’s server location Firewall Button checkbox for Use alternate address for firewall connection is configured, the client requests the alternate/external address when contacting servers inside the firewall. This checkbox instructs the server to send the alternate address, specified with the Altaddr utility, to the client.

1. Open the Program Neighborhood Client. From the Application Set Settings or Custom ICA connection Properties….

2. Select the Connection Tab

3. Navigate to the Server Location Section

4. Under Network Protocol choose TCP/IP or TCP/IP+HTTP

5. Under Address List enter the alternate IP address of the server and, if needed, the XML port of the MetaFrame Server.

6. Check the box for Use alternate address for firewall connection

Part II:

Note: When the second interface of a multi-homed server is configured for an external address per CTX568182 - Multihomed Computers and IMA and ICA Browser, the usage of Altaddr and configuration of the client firewall checkbox described in Part I are not needed.

Use the command line Altaddr utility to configure the IMA and ICA Browser services to return the alternate/external IP address to Citrix ICA Clients. The external address for the server is specified as the alternate address.

When using the full Program Neighborhood Client, an alternate address must be specified for each server in a server farm.

Please refer to the NFuse/Web Interface documentation, currently page 76 in the Web Interface Administrator’s Guide, for a feature known as Port Address Translation.

Note: The Port Address Translation feature can only be configured with NFuse/Web Interface.

CTX584485 - Configuring NFuse/Web Interface for Use with Network Address Translation (NAT)

Setting an alternate address for a Citrix server

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>altaddr /?

ALTADDR [/SERVER: servername] [/SET AlternateAddress] /V

ALTADDR [/SERVER: servername] [/SET AdapterAddress AlternateAddress] /V

ALTADDR [/SERVER: servername] [/DELETE [AdapterAddress]] /V

Query or set alternate network addresses for an application server The alternate address is an external address known to clients outside a firewall.


[/SERVER:name] - configure the specified server

[/SET] - set alternate TCP/IP addresses

[/DELETE [adapteraddress]] - delete the default or specified adapter address

[/V] - verbose display mode

[/?] - display help message

When setting alternate addresses, specify a single IP address to indicate the alternate IP address used by default for all adapters on the system, or specify a pair of IP addresses that indicate a particular local IP address and its corresponding alternate address.

1. Determine the correct external IP address.

2. At a command prompt, type altaddr /set nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn, where nnn is the alternate IP address determined in Step 1.

3. Reboot.

4. Repeat on each server in a server farm.
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