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Question Title How to Make an Ethernet Cable?
Step 1:
Purchase RJ45 cable connectors. Ask local computer stores if they have any left over from recent network installation jobs. Have at least 3 in case you make a mistake.

Step 2: 3
Remove the RJ45 connector from one end of the cable. Strip the cable insulation and trim the internal wires to the same length as the ones inside the connector you cut off. Ensure that each wire is of equal length.

Step 3: 4
Find someone to hold the cable and connector while you secure the connector cable lock. Put all wires into the proper holes and make sure the wires are pushed completely into the connector. Use a screwdriver to tap the connector cable lock slot in place. Light pressure should do the trick.

Step 4: 5
Have the helper hold the RJ45 connector while you seat the brass wire conductors into place. Tap the brass conductor down with a screw driver just below the plastic ridge. Look at the removed connector to guide how deep to seat the conductors.
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