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Question Title SLP Marker File Update (OEM)
asset PASS:12/31
asset PASS:12/34

Sets the asset tag as PASS:12/31. After a reboot, this makes the machine enter manufacturer reset mode, resetting all of the BIOS settings and all of the flags that restrict licensing functionality (and probably some others too!). After the reboot the bios scarily reports that all of your drives are missing, then you are prompted to press Alt - F to perform the reset.

1.boot to dos svctag
3.type y to confirm change service tag
4.type new service tag (just use your original one)
5.type again to confirm new service tag asset PASS:12/31 or 12/34
7.reboot to check

Note: and asset.exe will no longer work with UEFI BIOS. They will be replaced with SmMfgCfg32/64.exe and PlatTags.exe / PlatformTags32/64.exe.


■ Set System Tag data
■ Set EPPID (system board tag, service tag and version) data
■ Existing factory tool that is already being used.
■ Only used in Dell factory environment and NOT for customer use.

◦PlatTags.exe and PlatformTags32/64.exe

■ PlatTags.exe is a 16 bit DOS application
■ PlatformTags32/64.exe ia a 32 and 64 bit Windows command line application
■ Reading and displaying all 4 tags (Asset, System, Owner Tags and EPPID data
■ Set and delete asset tag data
■ Set and delete owner tag data
■ Can be used by customers
■ Please refer to the usage below:

Syntax : PlatformTags [Argument] [optional path for screen output to file]

Command line arguments (arguments are not case sensitive):
RPT = 'ReadPlatformTags'. Reads and displays asset, owner, and EPPID (system board, service tag and version) tag data.
SAT = 'SetAssetTag:assetdata'. Sets the asset tag data.
DAT = 'DeleteAssetTag'. Deletes the asset tag data.
SOT = 'SetOwnerTagwnerdata'. Sets the owner tag data.
DOT = 'DeleteOwnerTag' Delete owner tage data.

Return value is always 0 if successful or FFh if there is an error.
Help can be displayed using the -? or /? parameters.

- 'PlatformTags32 RPT' or 'PlatformTags32 ReadPlatformTags' reads and displays all of the platform tag data.
- 'PlatformTags32 SAT:1234567' or 'PlatformTags32 SetAssetTag:1234567' would set the asset tag to �'.
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