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Question Title Tips to Increase Your SonicWALL Throughput Performance
As ISP increase upload and download speed available to our networks, we are constantly looking for ways to take advantage of it. In this article we are going to share with you 7 tips that can help tweak your SonicWALL firewall to take advantage of the extra bandwidth.


We strongly recommend you back your firewall and export your settings before making these changes.  As with any tweaking make sure you have a plan to undo or completely restore the firewall in the event it becomes unstable.

1.) WAN Fragmentation

Under Network > Interface > WAN > Advance Tab Enable "Fragment non-VPN outbound packets larger than this Interface’s MTU"  and disable "Ignore Don’t Fragment (DF) Bit".

2.) Interface Speed

By default all interfaces in the SonicWALL are set to automatically detect link speed.  Under Network > Interface > WAN > try forcing the link speed manually, which should be set accordingly to the device connected to the interface.

3.) Bandwidth Management

Under Network > Interface > WAN > disable bandwidth management if not required.

4.)  Packet Fragmentation

Enabled "Allow Fragmented Packets" in Access Rules. LAN to WAN (On the Default Allow Rule).

5.) Optimize for Performance

Under Security Services > Summary > change Security Services Setting to "Performance Optimized".

6.) Disable Resolution

Under Log > Name Resolution, Set the Name Resolution method to NONE.

7.) Limit Advertised Window

Once you login to the device on the Address Bar we have “http://(IP Address of SonicWALL)/main.html”, Replace “Main.html” with “diag.html”, so it should look like “http://(IP Address of SonicWALL)/diag.html” and Hit Enter. On the Left Side Click on “Internal Setting” and On the Right Side "Enable the checkbox “Enable enforcement of a limit on maximum allowed advertised TCP window with any DPI-based service enabled” Set the Value in the field below the checkbox to 256.

Authored by: Guru Corner
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