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Question Title To configure and install the online plug-in using the plug-in installer and command-line parameters

Your users can customize the plug-in installer by specifying command line options.

Note: Because the installer packages are self-extracting installations that extract to the user's temp directory before launching the setup program, ensure that there is enough free space available in the %temp% directory.
  1. On the computer where you want to install the plug-in package, type the following at a command prompt:

    CitrixOnlinePluginFull.exe [Options]


    CitrixOnlinePluginWeb.exe [Options]

  2. Set your options as needed.
    • /? or /help displays usage information.
    • /noreboot suppresses reboot during UI installations. This option is not necessary during silent installs.
    • /silent disables the error and progress dialogs to execute a completely silent installation.
    • PROPERTY=Value

      Where PROPERTY is one of the following all-uppercase variables (keys) and Value is the value the user should specify.

      • INSTALLDIR=Installation directory, where Installation directory is the location where the plug-in software is installed. The default value is C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client.
      • CLIENT_NAME=ClientName, where ClientName is the name used to identify the user device to the server farm. The default value is %COMPUTERNAME%.
      • ENABLE_DYNAMIC_CLIENT_NAME={Yes | No} The dynamic client name feature allows the client name to be the same as the computer name. When users change their computer name, the client name changes to match. To enable dynamic client name support during silent installation, the value of the property ENABLE_DYNAMIC_CLIENT_NAME in your installation file must be Yes. To disable dynamic client name support, set this property to No.
      • ADDLOCAL=feature[,...]. Install one or more of the specified plug-ins. When specifying multiple plug-in parameters, separate each parameter with a comma and without spaces. The names are case sensitive. If you do not specify this parameter, all plug-ins included in the CitrixOnlinePluginFull.exe or CitrixOnlinePluginWeb.exe are installed by default.
        Note: ICA_Client is a prerequisite for all other components and must be installed.

        ICA_Client. Installs the web plug-in.

        PN_Agent. Installs the online plug-in.

        SSON. Installs single sign on plug-in. This value is not supported with CitrixOnlinePluginWeb.exe.

        USB. Installs USB plug-in.

        DesktopViewer. Installs the Desktop Viewer.

        Flash. Installs HDX media stream for flash plug-in.

      • ENABLE_SSON={Yes | No}. The default value is Yes. Note that users must log off and log back onto their devices after an installation with pass-through authentication enabled.
        Important: If you disable single sign on pass-through authentication, users must reinstall the plug-in if you decide to use pass-through authentication at a later time.
      • ENABLE_KERBEROS={Yes | No}. The default value is No. Specifies that Kerberos should be used; applies only when pass-through authentication (SSON) is enabled.
      • DEFAULT_NDSCONTEXT=Context1 [,…]. Include this parameter to set a default context for Novell Directory Services (NDS). To include more than one context, place the entire value in quotation marks and separate the contexts by a comma. Examples of correct parameters:



      • SERVER_LOCATION=Server_URL. The default value is blank. Provide the URL of the server running the Web Interface. The URL must be in the format http://servername or https://servername.

        The plug-in appends the default path and file name of the configuration file to the server URL. If you change the default location of the configuration file, enter the entire new path in the SERVER_LOCATION key.

If there is a problem with the installation, search in the user's %TEMP% directory for the logs with the prefix CtxInstall- or TrollyExpress- . For example:



Example of a Command-Line Installation


This example:

  • Installs the online plug-in without visible progress dialog boxes
  • Installs only the web plug-in (ICA_Client), the online plug-in (PN_Agent), and the single-sign on plug-in (SSON)
  • Disables pass-through authentication even though SSON is installed with ADDLOCAL
  • Specifies the location where the software is installed
  • Enables dynamic client naming
  • Specifies the default context for NDS
  • Specifies the URL ( of the server running the Web Interface, which the online plug-in will reference
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