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Question Title Mail Routing Issues on Dual WAN SonicWALL

Recently added a second ISP line to the OPT port and configured it as a secondary WAN. Activated the WAN Failover and LB feature with the Percentage based option. Created a static route for the mail server traffic to use the Primary WAN interface since our domain resolves to that IP only.

However, since the deployment of the secondary WAN a lot of our outbound mails are getting bounced back. The NDR messages say "Domain name not found" meaning the server behind the NAT is not able to resolve the name.


Create a Policy Based Route:

Source: Mail Server (Internal IP)
Destination: ANY
Service: Email Services
Gateway: WAN Default Gateway
Interface: WAN
Metric: 20
Authored by: Guru Corner
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Created: 2012-05-05 8:46 PM
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