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Created by Qui Hong (The Developer), Chris Huss and Mike Laverick (Value-add and Documentation). Ultimate-P2V (fix-vmscsi) is a free plug-in that allows you to clone a physical machine to virtual machine – and perform the neccessary “system reconfiguration” required to make it bootable. Without this tool or a commerical P2V tool the virtual machine would just give a “blue screen of death”

This document outlines how to configure a BartPE Boot-CD with the appropriate drivers and plug-ins to perform the P2V. We use Symantec Ghost 8 merely as an example of a disk cloning tool – but really any cloning software (with a supported plug-in) would work just as well.

The first guide walks you through a completely manual creation of these plug-ins and drivers. The intention is allow you to configure a BartPE with the lastest drivers if you so wish. The second guide is people who merely want to wish to download all the plug-ins and drivers from here – unzip them to there BartPE installation and build a CD ready to use Ultimate P2V. The first guides is about 30 pages, and the second guide is 20 pages

A long Guide on how to manually create the Ultimate-P2V CD-Boot Disk

A short Guide on how to create the Ultimate-P2V CD-Boot Disk

Core Plug-ins
This section is dedicated to hosting plug-ins specifically for when a BartPE Boot-CD is run within a virtual machine. These plug-ins are ready to run and will work out of the box. If you have written a VMware plug-in or driver for BartPE and would me to host it for you – please feel to email me.

VMware SCSI “BusLogic” Driver

VMware VMXnet Network Driver

VMware Tools & SVGA Graphics Driver by Sherpya

LSILogic Driver

“Classic Ultimate-P2V
” – Qui Hong’s original “Fix-VMSCSI” FreeP2V Plug-in

“All New Ultimate-P2V ” – Paul Whitfield’s “Fix-VMSCSI”

Additionally, Paul has taken the original guide to classic guide to Ultimate P2V and updated it. The guide needs some work on it and there are some notes to me from Paul. Right now I don’t have the time update the documentation to reflect Paul’s work – but I will work on it once I have finished my work on the Vi3.5 Beta. In the mean time you can download Paul’s guide.

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